Will a Lawyer Take My Injury Case if I Got the Ticket?

If I Got the Ticket But I Did Not Cause the Crash, Do I Have a Case?

This is a common question we get from callers. The police officer has to make a snap decision on sometimes weak information and they don’t always get it right. Our law firm will review serious injury cases where you got the ticket for this very reason.

If you have a serious injury like a fracture or surgical case, it is worthwhile to dig deeper into the facts. If you are dealing with a simple whiplash case, then we are not going to be able to invest the time it takes to get to the truth.

What are some common situations where the injured person got the ticket but we can still help?

  • The crash involves a lane change where both parties swear to the opposite thing.
  • The crash involves a left turn across traffic
  • The accident involves two parties who each claim they had the light.
  • There is an eyewitness listed on the report.
  • The other vehicle is a company van or tractor-trailer (they often have data recorders that can prove your case.)

That said, our firm is designed to handle real injuries and challenges so please do not call if you got the ticket and are just sore from the collision or went to a chiropractor. We will not accept those cases. We are here to fight for people with life-changing problems.