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Atlanta Explosion Accident LawyerThough they are relatively rare, explosions typically have devastating consequences. Particular job industries, such as those in the oil, gas, or mining industries, are far more vulnerable to these types of accidents. When explosions occur as a result of negligence, injured parties and their family members have a right to pursue fair financial compensation for the losses they have endured. The Atlanta explosion accident lawyers at The Simon Law Firm are prepared to help you every step of the legal process. Our highly-trained team has decades of experience handling an array of personal injury matters, including explosion injuries, and can help you secure the recovery you are owed. Call us today to discuss your rights by scheduling a free case evaluation.

Why Our Explosion Accident Lawyer is the Right Choice

  • We have the financial resources necessary to investigate and build a strong case on your behalf, without charging you any fees upfront.
  • Our Atlanta explosion accident lawyers held a strong track record of success over the past 30 years.
  • We will get you the just results you and your family deserve simply by working harder than anyone else will.

The Common Causes of Explosions

Accidents causing explosions can occur for a variety of reasons and all too often, negligence plays a part in the following common causes:

  • Inadequate safety training for employees
  • Unsafe conditions, including built-up air pressure
  • Faulty/defective products or equipment
  • Mishandling of flammable liquids
  • Presence of volatile gases
  • Improper supervision of workers

Explosions almost always result in serious injuries, including burns, disfigurement, permanent disability, or wrongful death in Atlanta.

What To Do After An Explosion

The immediate aftermath following an explosion can be chaotic and emotionally charged. Although the situation may feel overwhelming, there are recommended steps to take in order to protect yourself and your future:

  • Medical attention: Getting prompt medical attention is advised, even if injuries seem minor. Victims may be in shock and not able to feel the full extent of their injuries. Possible injuries can include severe burns, open wounds, internal bleeding, broken bones, and more, not including secondary injuries which are caused by flying objects. When choosing to receive medical attention immediately, not only will chances of a full recovery be maximized, but in addition, there will be a paper trail documenting your injuries.
  • Contact the authorities: Firefighters, paramedics, and the police will likely already be on the scene. Arson investigators are also typically called to conduct an investigation into the cause of the explosion. It is critical that your account of the incident is reported to the police. If able, speak to investigators at the scene.
  • Safety: Steer clear of any buildings involved in the blast, as the structural integrity will generally be compromised after an explosion. Also, contact the utility companies if possible, so gas and electricity can be turned off in an effort to prevent further incidents or injuries.
  • Contact the insurance company: Insurance companies often require that reports of any accidents be made swiftly. It will also be helpful to get an understanding of what exactly your insurance policy will cover and what is not. If you have lost your home and possessions, you can seek assistance from the American Red Cross, as they often aid in finding free or low-cost temporary housing for victims of explosions.
  • Receipts: Keeping track of all expenses incurred immediately after an explosion will be crucial in recovering compensation. This includes any hotel stays, loss of income, all medical and hospitalization costs, rehabilitation and ongoing treatment and care, property damage, and the cost of rebuilding.
  • Speak to Lawyer: Since these cases can be complex, discuss your legal options with an attorney who is familiar with handling similar cases, as you may be entitled to compensation.

We Have Decades of Experience

At The Simon Law Firm, our Atlanta explosion accident lawyers have extensive experience in construction accident injuries in Atlanta. We understand how devastating an explosion accident can be, we will use our knowledge and resources to exhaust every available avenue of obtaining compensation. Contact us today for a free case evaluation by calling (404) 259-7635 or filling out our online contact form.