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Atlanta Truck Accident Attorney

The Simon Law Firm has offices in Atlanta and throughout Georgia focusing on helping families with serious injuries related to truck and commercial vehicle accidents. We listen to you to make sure we are accomplishing your goals. Over 30% of our cases are commercial truck injuries.

Meet our Friendly Team

Christopher Simon
25 years of experience
Christopher Simon
Harrison W. Spires
12 years of experience
Harrison W. Spires
Tyler H. Bridges
11 years of experience
Tyler H. Bridges
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Trucking Accident Lawyers Serving Victims In And Around Atlanta, GA

Trucks and commercial vehicles may be one of the most prevalent means to distribute goods, but they also come with a lot of risk. It is reported that as much as 70% of all freight moved in the United States is done by trucks. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), a division of the United States Department of Transportation, the number of truck-related accidents that occur each year is in the hundreds of thousands. With over 700 accidents every day in America alone- it’s no wonder that trucks generate so many headlines for being unsafe! If you are the victim of a truck or commercial vehicle wreck you, need the experienced legal help of our Atlanta truck accident attorneys to seek justice and explore how you can be fairly compensated.

Truck Accident Claims Are Drastically Different

Trucking accident cases are unique because of the complex web of Federal Regulations governing driver hours and vehicle repair and inspection routines. Additionally, tractor-trailers have complex computer systems tracking throttle and braking systems. All of these need to be downloaded after a crash.

Large trucking companies, whether it be Scheider, Werner, Knight Transportation or UPS have lawyers on 24 call to respond to the scene of a bad accident and to save favorable evidence.

Our Atlanta truck accident attorney is trained by insurance companies to defend trucking companies early in their careers, so they know how this whole system works. The sooner you hire us, the sooner we can start visiting the scene and interviewing witnesses to preserve the evidence that makes the difference. If we take your case, we’ll immediately start investigating the accident, collecting pertinent evidence such as police reports and medical documents, interviewing any witnesses, and filing the proper paperwork.

Let us give you an example; in 2016 a young man called in from Detroit. He had been in a terrible crash as a passenger in a tractor-trailer that crashed in the mountains near Chattanooga. The trucking company denied responsibility and tried to say that the driver only crashed because of the design of the roadway. Our client had over $400,000 in medical bills from several surgeries and the insurance company would not even offer the medical bill totals. We downloaded the ECM on the tractor-trailer and immediately filed suit.

We pulled all of the electronic tracking records including the satellite pings from the Qualcomm unit on the truck and were able to develop evidence that showed that not only was the driver speeding downhill through the mountains but that the safety director got tired of getting automated email warnings about this driver speeding so HE TURNED THEM OFF! This inflammatory evidence completely turned the case around and they ultimately paid over $2,000,000 at a mediation.

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We listen to your concerns and make sure you know all of the options before you make a decision on your case.

Common Causes Of Atlanta Commercial Truck Accidents

The majority of truck drivers are professional, courteous, and careful, but despite this fact, accidents do happen, either by mistake or carelessness. Among the factors that typically contribute to tractor-trailer accidents are:

  • Driver fatigue – Drowsy driving is commonplace among long-haul drivers even though there are strict national and intra-company regulations in place, including drive-time limitations and required rest periods.
  • Failure to Maintain their Lane – Commercial truck drivers are trained to monitor their blind spots and yet time and again they merge into the same lane as a passenger vehicle, causing serious collisions.
  • Inadequate truck maintenance – Defective equipment doubles the chance that a truck will be involved in an accident involving substantial property damage or injury, according to the IIHS. Faulty brakes and steering top the list of defects.
  • Distracted drivers – While state and federal entities have become increasingly aware of the dangers of texting and driving and have instituted firm laws and severe consequences for breaking them, it still occurs.
  • Impaired driving – Truck drivers are subject to regular drug and alcohol screening, but this does not completely rule out truckers driving while under the influence of either. There is the added possibility that there are other impaired drivers on the road – a bad combination in even the best of circumstances.
  • Aggressive drivers – Commercial trucks have slower response times when it comes to trying to correct their own aggressive driving or combat another vehicle’s poor driving practices. This is especially true when braking, returning to their own lane or swerving to avoid a collision with another vehicle or something on the road.

The elements required to prove negligence in trucking accident claims may seem straightforward, but how to substantiate them may be harder than you expect. Identifying the truly responsible parties can be difficult. It could be the driver, the trucking company, a third party who loaded or failed to secure cargo, and even government entities if there were dangerous road conditions that were not identified and the public sufficiently warned.

Why Choose Our Atlanta Trucking Accident Lawyer?

  • Regardless of the size of the trucking accident case, he treats each client with respect, compassion, and dignity.
  • He provides extraordinary customer service when handling your case. He keeps an open line of communication with his clients and works quickly to resolve the case.
  • He works on a contingency fee basis. You will not pay legal fees unless he wins your case.
  • He has years of experience with commercial truck accident litigation and knowledge of industry-specific trucking laws and regulations.

More Information About Our Team of Attorneys

Christopher Simon

  • 25 Years of Injury and Wrongful Death Trial Experience
  • Former Insurance Company Lawyer for: USAA, Liberty Mutual, Safeco, Great West, and others
  • Super Lawyers Selection 2009-2022
  • Selected as a Top 100 Lawyer in Georgia by Super Lawyers every year from 2014-2018

Harrison Spires

  • Firm Partner
  • 11 Years of Trial Experience
  • Former Insurance Company Lawyer for Trucking Companies
  • 2018-2022 Super Lawyer Rising Star

Tyler Bridgers

  • Firm Partner
  • 10 Years of Trial Experience
  • 2020-22 Super Lawyer Rising Star
what our clients say
Chris Simon and his team handled my accident case, and were fantastic to work with. Chris and his assistants, Alicia and Laynie, were professional, courteous and efficient, and responded quickly (and patiently) to my every question and concern. My case was resolved fairly and with minimal stress on my end, the importance of which cannot be overstated, especially when dealing with the pain and frustration of a car accident. I highly recommend the Simon law firm.
I originally contacted the Simon Law firm based on the great reviews I read when searching for a lawyer to handle my case after a car accident. Let me just say that I am happy I found this firm and can attest to the fact that my experience with both Tyler and Laynie have been nothing short than amazing.

Recent Case Results


For two clients badly hurt in a tractor-trailer accident.


On dash camera t-bone collision taking the life of a car sales lady in the prime of her life.


For a client badly injured in a tractor-trailer accident.


$350,000 for a pedestrian with rotator cuff surgery and meniscal surgery to the knee involving Cotton State Insurance.

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Protecting The Legal Rights Of Atlanta Commercial Trucking Accident Victims And Their Families

If you have been injured in a commercial truck accident, you may be legally entitled to compensation for medical treatment (present and future), lost wages, property damage and, in some cases, pain and suffering or emotional distress.

In trucking accident cases you must prove negligence and adhere to the legal statute of limitation, or deadline, for filing your claim. Our skilled and compassionate legal team can help you when you need it most. Being injured in an accident is stressful enough.  Let us take some of the burdens off you so that you can concentrate on healing and getting your life back on track.

We offer free, confidential initial consultations. Don’t delay! Call our Atlanta truck accident attorneys or fill out our convenient online form today.

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