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Atlanta Dog Bite Injury LawyerDog bites can be an extremely traumatic injury physically and emotionally. Surviving a dog attack can have long-term effects such as permanent scarring, disfigurement, and post-traumatic stress. The reality is the vast majority of dogs are sweet and harmless but far too many owners are abusive or careless and raise angry and dangerous dogs that bite. The most common pattern we see is a dog owner who does not care enough to lock up the dog in the yard even after they have a history of aggression. In many cases, children will go to another house to visit and the owners will not bother to warn the child’s parent that the dog has been aggressive. Children are especially vulnerable to dog bites because of their size. Each dog attack case is different and we have handled everything from UPS driver attacks to child attacks, and injuries incurred when dogs chased and attacked bicycle riders. Initial dog attack case evaluations at our law firm are free, so contact our Atlanta dog bite injury lawyer today.

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Why Do I Need a Dog Bite Attorney?

In most dog attack cases, the dog owner does not cooperate with the victim’s claim. The owner or his or her insurance company may try to refute liability or undervalue your losses – leaving you feeling like you are out of options and suffering from a personal injury.

So what will we do? One of the first steps is to pull the dog’s record with the local animal control office and poll the neighbors to see what the dog’s reputation is. Remember that in Georgia, the key to a successful prosecution is being able to prove that the dog either had been aggressive to humans before or that the owner violated a leash or fencing law in their community

If you hire an Atlanta dog bite injury lawyer from The Simon Law Firm, you can bring a claim against the correct at-fault party and explore all legal possibilities. An attorney can help you gather evidence, collect copies of medical records, file an insurance claim, and fight for a fair recovery. One of our attorneys can help you feel heard and taken care of throughout the claims process.

When to Contact a Dog Bite Attorney?

In Georgia, an important statute of limitations restricts how long you have to file a dog bite claim. The statute of limitations is two years from the date of the injury or wrongful death in Georgia. This time limit applies if you are the victim or if you are filing a claim on behalf of your child. If you fail to bring your claim within two years of the dog attack, the courts will most likely deny your case. Contacting us right away after a serious dog bite injury could ensure you do not miss your deadline. We can help set up dog bite cases as soon as possible.

Who Can Be Held Accountable for an Attack?

Georgia’s dog bite law states who may be accountable for dog attacks. Georgia CodeeAnnotated section 51-2-6 states that a dog owner will be liable for bites and other dog-related damages if the owner knew or reasonably should have known of the pet’s vicious propensities. The state has a negligence-based bite law, meaning a pet owner will not be liable for damage unless he or she was negligent in preventing the incident. A victim must prove that the owner acted without reasonable care to prevent the attack to receive compensation for losses.

Legal responsibility for a dog bite or attack injury

Georgia’s dog bite law differs from states that use strict liability laws. In these states, a pet owner will be financially responsible for harm the dog caused regardless of fault or negligence. In Georgia, however, the victim has the burden of proving negligence. A case against a property owner, pet controller, pet sitter, pet store, the city, or other parties for a dog bite injury will come with this burden of proof. Our skilled Atlanta dog bite lawyer can help prove negligence to obtain a compensatory award for the damages done by the responsible party.

What If a Dog Bit My Child?

If your child was the victim of a dog bite injury in Atlanta, you have the right to get help from an Atlanta child injury attorney on your child’s behalf. You or your lawyer will still need to gather evidence against the dog owner to support the claim. You should also prepare for a comparative negligence defense, in which the pet owner claims your child instigated the attack. You may need to hire an attorney to help you combat this defense and prove your child’s claim to damages.

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