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Atlanta Burn Injury LawyerBurn injuries are some of the most painful injuries that a person can suffer and victims deserve to be financially compensated when they could have been prevented but were caused by the negligence of others. A highly capable Atlanta burn injury lawyer at Christopher Simon Attorneys at Law can help you attain the damages you need for your medical bills, lost wages, and your pain and suffering. Call us today to discuss your claim and receive a free consultation.

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  • We will handle all costs in association with your case and will only take payment when we successfully secure compensation for you.
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Common Accidents that Cause Burn Injuries

While burns resulting from fire or heat sources are two of the most significant causes of burns, there are many other elements that can cause serious damage. These include water, chemicals, steam, electrocution, defective products, and even medical malpractice can also lead to detrimental burn injuries. Many types of accidents can cause these burns, but they commonly include the following:

When another party is responsible for your burn injury, you may be eligible to receive compensation to cover medical bills, lost wages, and for your pain and suffering. Circumstances surrounding the incident and the severity of the wound will likely determine the financial recovery amount that can be awarded.

Levels of Burns and Possible Complications

Burns are typically classified by the following categories:

First Degree

These are heat, chemical, or friction burns to the first layer of skin. Oftentimes these injuries do not require medical treatment.

Second Degree

These reach the second layer of skin and may leave a scar. They often require medical care, but not always.

Third Degree

These are also known as “full thickness” burns, which harm all epidermal layers. They are very serious and almost always require immediate emergency medical treatment.

Fourth Degree

One step more severe than a third degree and involves damage to the tendons or ligaments.

The seriousness of a burn will usually depend on where the burn is located, the extent of the affected area, as well as the degree of damage. Treatment can vary from a simple cleaning, rinsing, and bandaging to significant medical intervention including skin graft surgeries and long-term care. Complications such as infection is also a major cause for concern, as it can turn a burn into a fatal injury.

Why You Need an Atlanta Burn Injury Lawyer Immediately

An immediate investigation is required when you are injured as a result of chemicals, electrocution, heat, fire, or an explosion, to name a few, caused by carelessness or the negligence of another individual or business. A qualified burn injury lawyer will have the resources to do so in-depth and access experts, such as arson investigators, in order to determine the cause of the accident and all liable parties. Possible defendants will vary based on the scenario in which the accident occurred but can include commercial property owners, product manufacturers or distributors, employers, negligent vehicle drivers, and more. Multiple parties may be liable, which could make your injury claim that much more complex. A legal representative familiar with these types of cases will ensure that you receive a maximum recovery.

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