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Atlanta Scaffolding Injury LawyerConstruction workers in Georgia must frequently use scaffolding and ladders in order to perform their work. Unfortunately, when a worker falls from scaffolding or the structure collapses, catastrophic injuries with life-changing repercussions may be the result. Injured workers who have been harmed in scaffolding accidents will suffer losses that require compensation. If you are in need of an Atlanta scaffolding injury lawyer to recover payment for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering, contact Chris Simon Law. We offer free initial consultations. So that we may discuss your case and available legal options, please call (404) 259-7635 or reach out to us online.

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Common Scaffolding Accident Injuries

Scaffolding accidents commonly result in severe injuries, which can include:

Who is Liable for Scaffolding Injuries?

When an injury or death is caused by a scaffolding accident, the victims or their families may have the ability to recover damages from several different parties, including:

Workers’ Compensation

Workers injured on the job can apply to receive workers’ compensation benefits to pay for their medical expenses. If an injured construction site worker is placed on leave for a temporary or permanent disability, they can also recover monthly benefits payments to replace a percentage of their previous wages. Families of workers who are killed in scaffolding accidents may also recover workers’ compensation benefits to pay for the funeral and burial costs of their loved ones. In addition, they may receive monthly benefits to replace a percentage of their loved ones’ former income.

Scaffolding Installer or Manufacturer

When scaffolding that causes an accident was installed or manufactured by a third party, other than the employer, they may be liable. Especially if a manufacturing or design defect caused the structure to fail. Alternatively, a properly manufactured scaffold may be installed incorrectly, leading to an accident and liability for any injuries falling on the installer.

Property Owner

Property owners have a duty to keep and protect the safety of visitors. When a scaffolding accident results from a dangerous condition on the property, damages may be recovered through a premises liability claim.

When anyone other than the employer is responsible for a scaffolding accident and injuries, they can be held accountable in a third-party lawsuit.

Why You Need an Atlanta Scaffolding Accident Lawyer

A construction site lawyer experienced with scaffolding accidents and injuries cases will advocate for you and will help you file your workers’ compensation claim, as well as explain how to pursue a civil lawsuit. Losses from the accident can also be recovered on your behalf, for your medical bills and future medical care, lost income, and pain and suffering. An attorney will also maximize your recovery by determining how much your case is worth and keeping you from settling for too low of an amount.

Our Firm Can Help

If you have been injured or a loved one has lost their lives in a scaffolding accident on a construction site, you may benefit from consulting with an experienced Atlanta scaffolding injury lawyer at The Simon Law Firm. Call (404) 259-7635 today and schedule a time for a free case evaluation.