What is the Best Car Insurance in Georgia?

As a car accident attorney who sues insurance companies all the time, I am frequently asked: “who has the best car insurance in Georgia?” The answer depends on your perspective. If you are asking who is the easiest to work with on getting single-car accident claims resolved with your own insurer or small mickey mouse issues, then the list compiled by Consumer Reports is a good reference. If you asking who treats people with the most fairness when push comes to shove on important injury claims, there is a very different answer.

What insurers do people rate as easy to deal with on average claims?

Consumer Reports ran an exhaustive study and they found that these companies in that write in Georgia are the highest-rated (we leave out companies that don’t do significant business in Georgia):

1. USAA Property & Casualty

2. Amica

7. Auto-Owners Insurance Group of Companies

8. Ameriprise Financial (IDS)

9. State Farm

10. State Auto Insurance Companies

11. Mercury

12. Geico

Consumer Reports also ran a list of the worst-rated companies:

1. Farmers Insurance

2. Hanover Insurance

4. Allstate

5. MetLife

6. Liberty Mutual

7. Travelers

8. The Progressive Group of Insurance Companies

10. The Hartford Financial Services Group

11. Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company

12. American Family

Which Insurance Companies are the Best When it Comes to Large Claims?

This is a completely different story. We file claims and file lawsuits against these insurers every year and the way they handle large loss clams varies substantially. Amica, Nationwide. Travelers and MetLife consistently adjust and handle large loss claims in the fairest and quickest manner in my experience. The odd thing is only Amica makes the Consumer Reports list and the other three are at the bottom of the ratings. I wonder where the customer service breakdown is occurring for these companies because when the rubber meets the road and you have a large injury claim, these are the companies that you want to be dealing with.