Uber and Lyft Accidents in Atlanta

Ride-share services such as Uber and Lyft have increased in popularity in Atlanta and around the country in the past few years.  Just as the use of the ride-share services has increased, so has the number of car accidents involving Uber and Lyft drivers.

What To Do If You’re In an Atlanta Uber Accident

The first thing you should do is get prompt medical treatment for your injuries.  Even if you feel fine, you should get checked out by a medical professional because sometimes an injury may not show up for a day or so after the accident.  By failing to seek immediate medical attention, you could put your ability to collect damages for your injuries at risk.

Secondly, you should make sure an accident report has been filed with the police department, the Uber driver’s insurance company, and Uber. Try to get copies of all documents concerning your Atlanta Uber accident. Farmers Insurance took over all of the UBER claims in Georgia this year.

The Atlanta law offices of Christopher Simon strongly advise you to seek out a qualified personal injury attorney to assist you in figuring out who is responsible for the accident, so you can get the monetary compensation for your injuries that you deserve.

What To Do If You’re In an Atlanta Lyft Accident

If you’re in an accident that involves a Lyft vehicle you should call Lyft claims at (855) 865-9553. Be careful what you say to the claims adjuster no matter if they work for an insurance company or Lyft. At last check, they were still using York Risk Services to handle their claims.

In addition to reporting the accident to Lyft, you should report it to your own insurance company as well.  Even if you don’t think you need to use your own insurance policy, you won’t be able to use it at all if you don’t report the accident.

Insurance in Uber and Lyft Accidents in Georgia

Uber and Lyft will provide liability insurance for its drivers and uninsured motorist coverage for their Uber/Lyft drivers and their passengers.  How much insurance the Uber/Lyft driver has depends on when the accident happened. For example, if the Uber driver is accepting rides, but doesn’t have a trip or any passengers, Uber/Lyft provides liability insurance of $100,000 in bodily injury coverage per person, $300,000 per occurrence, as well as $25,000 in property damage. It’s important to note that this insurance only applies if the Uber/Lyft driver doesn’t have insurance in the above amounts.

However, when an Uber/Lyft driver accepts a trip additional insurance is provided in the amount of $1,000,000 of liability insurance and $1,000,000 uninsured motorist coverage.   In addition, liability insurance would apply if it was the Uber/Lyft driver that was at fault in the accident, while the uninsured motorist coverage applies if someone who didn’t have insurance was at fault in the accident.

Damages You May Be Able to Receive in an Atlanta, Georgia Uber/Lyft Accident

In Georgia, if you’re injured while riding in a Uber/Lyft vehicle you may be entitled to receive money for your medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages. In the event of your death due to the accident, your family may be able to receive wrongful death compensation.

Why You Need an Attorney for Your Uber/Lyft Accident Claim

If you’ve been involved in an accident while a passenger in a Uber/Lyft vehicle, you should seek the advice of a qualified personal injury attorney.  Atlanta personal injury attorney, Christopher Simon advises that by hiring a lawyer to handle your claim against Uber/Lyft you can rest assured that they will fight to get you all the monetary compensation you deserve so you can concentrate on healing from your injuries.