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U-Turns are Legal in Georgia in Certain Situations

Georgia U-Turn Laws

Under OCGA §40-6-121, you can make a U-Turn on almost any road unless:

  1. There is a curve on the road (visibility is the danger obviously);
  2. At the crest of a hill (visibility again);
  3. Where it causes a crash or interrupts the flow of traffic;
  4. Where there is a no U-Turn sign.

Of these, 1,2 and 4 are pretty clear but 3 is somewhat vague. If you interview a police officer in Georgia, it boils down to this. If you are making a U-Turn and you have an accident, it is pretty much always going to be your fault. It is an exceptional maneuver that you should only undertake when it is absolutely safe. If you block traffic during the turn too, you can also expect a police officer to pull you overusing the discretion granted in 3.

Drive safely out there!

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