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Atlanta tracor-trailer accident attorneySimon Bridgers Spires has offices throughout Georgia and focuses on helping families with serious injuries and wrongful death cases. We listen to you to make sure we are accomplishing your goals.

There are a lot of lawyers in Georgia that claim to handle tractor-trailer crashes, but it takes real-world experience for your lawyer to know where to look in the records to prove your case. As a former lawyer for the trucking companies and their insurance carriers, Mr. Simon spent eight years defending semi-truck drivers after crashes. In the years since that time, he has concentrated 40% of his law practice on representing victims against those companies.

An experienced Atlanta tractor-trailer accident lawyer knows that for serious cases, the lawsuit should be filed every time because it is only with discovery and subpoena power that the operational records of the trucking company will come to light. When litigating cases worth millions of dollars, it pays to hire a former industry insider who can expose the lies being used to prevent juries from seeing what some of these trucking companies really do.

Tractor-Trailer Accident Cases Are Different From Auto Accident Cases

There are a number of aspects to tractor-trailer crashes in Georgia that make the practice unique and without a lawyer that is experienced in the field, the client can quickly lose value on a case.

Atlanta semi-trucking cases are more complex for a number of reasons. First, all interstate trucking companies are regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. They put out a massive book called the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations that takes years of study to master. When a tractor-trailer driver violates these safety regulations, the Court can charge the jury on negligence per se, which can make a world of difference in a disputed liability case. That means that if the rule is broken, the judge tells the jury that the breaking of the rule means the semi-trucking company is somewhat responsible.

Second, semi-trucks incorporate advanced computer systems similar to an aircraft “black box” and some have onboard radar and satellite tracking data that can tell the truth about why the crash happened, even when the driver is lying. Third, tractor-trailer crash collision reconstruction requires an engineer with specialized skills and only an experienced tractor-trailer lawyer has these engineers on their Rolodex. Fourth, trucking cases should never be settled without the lawyer at least deposing under oath the driver and risk manager as well as an exhaustive review of all operational documents. An average car accident lawyer is simply not trained to handle a trucking case in Georgia.

We listen to your concerns and make sure you know all of the options before you make a decision on your case.

Why Choose Our Atlanta Semi-Truck Accident Lawyer?

  • They treat each client with respect, compassion, and dignity, regardless of the size of the tractor-trailer accident case.
  • They provide outstanding customer service, communicating openly, and working swiftly to resolve the case.
  • They accept semi-truck accident claims on a contingency fee basis. He will not charge you anything in legal fees unless he wins your case.
  • They have years of experience with semi-truck and tractor-trailer litigation and knowledge of trucking laws and regulations.

Do You Need a Tractor-trailer Accident Attorney?

Large semi-truck collision survivors hire a truck accident lawyer in Atlanta to help defend their rights against major trucking corporations and their insurance companies. These companies will often do all they can to avoid paying victims. They may delay claims unreasonably or deny valid claims altogether. Using an Atlanta tractor-trailer accident attorney to handle settlement negotiations can prevent a trucking company from taking advantage of you. Hire an experienced attorney to take over your claim while you focus on getting better. We can help you fight against the negligent party who is responsible for large semi-truck crashes.

Common Types of Semi Truck Accidents in Atlanta, GA

The cause of a semi-trucking accident can determine how the vehicle crashes. For example, a driver locking up the brakes could cause the tractor-trailer to jackknife.

Examining the type of accident can help a victim understand what caused the collision, and who to blame for damages. One of the first steps we can take as your attorneys is to launch an investigation into the type of accident.

  • Jackknife: The trailer of an 18-wheeler swings out at an angle from the bed, like a jackknife. This makes it impossible for the driver to stop or steer the vehicle.
  • Wide turn accident: The driver does not give him or herself enough room to swing the semi-truck out before making a turn, colliding with or trapping other vehicles.
  • Rear-end collision: A drowsy, drunk, distracted, or drugged semi-truck driver may smash into the vehicle(s) in front of the truck, causing severe personal injuries.
  • No Zone accident: A semi-truck has significant No Zones, or blind spots, that truck drivers must check before turning or merging. Failure to check the No Zone could cause a sideswipe or merge accident: A number of small vehicles and motorcycle accidents in Atlanta are caused by semi-truck blind zones.
  • Rollover: A semi-truck could roll over and cause a crash if one of its tires blows out or if the driver engages in unsafe practices, such as speeding or jerking the wheel.

Other common Atlanta tractor-trailer accidents include lost cargo loads and underride accidents. If you do not know your accident type, one of our Atlanta tractor-trailer accident lawyers can review police reports, revisit the scene, and re-create the accident, if necessary. Our attorneys have the power to understand who or what caused your crash and to help you file a claim against that party.

Meet with a Tractor-Trailer Accident Attorney in Atlanta Today

An accident against a tractor-trailer or a large company semi-truck has a high risk of causing severe injuries or even a fatality. A Georgia semi-truck driver has a responsibility to make the roads a safe place for all other vehicles. An attorney can help you find the fairest compensation for any injuries caused by the responsible party’s negligence.

The attorneys at Simon Bridgers Spires and Christopher Simon have what it takes to help you through a complicated claim. As an experienced Atlanta semi-truck accident lawyer, he can help you gather evidence and represent you during settlement negotiations with major trucking companies. Get answers to your questions during a free initial consultation. Schedule yours at (404) 259-7635 or receive a callback when you contact Mr. Simon online.