Savannah Accident Attorneys

Savannah, Georgia Accident Attorneys

Our office in Savannah, Georgia conveniently located in the historic district, just off of Columbia Square. We handle serious injury and wrongful death cases in Savannah.

Examples of recent cases we have handled in the Chatham County Courts include:

Car Accident in Savannah With Surgery

A passenger on a tour bus was rear-ended in a traffic accident. The case was severely complicated by the fact that the defendant driver was an employee of the State of Georgia Department of Agriculture at the time of the crash and therefore had sovereign immunity. Heavy litigation ensued because her personal car insurance wanted to get out of coverage. In the end, we were able to make a $150,000 recovery for the client from the State of Georgia through the State Tort Claims Act.

Slip and Fall in Savannah

These cases are extremely difficult to litigate because there is strong case law that holds that Plaintiffs cannot claim to be surprised that a bathtub is slippery. The danger is obvious. We were able to make a fair recovery for the client’s fractured hips in this case because the focus was on the scalding water that came from the tap and caused the Plaintiff to fall.

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