RevClaims Often Refusing to bill Grady Medical Care to Health Insurance

RevClaims is a private collections company that advertises on its own website that its sole goal is to get more money, faster for hospitals. On its face, there is nothing wrong with a hospital getting paid, but in practice, we now have RevClaims refusing to bill our client’s health insurance and instead asserting claims against the client’s potential injury settlements in violation of the health insurance contract between Grady and the various health insurers.

It works like this:

  1. All hospitals sign contracts with health insurance companies and there is normally language that says the hospital has to bill the member insured under the approved contract member rates.
  2. This applies even after car accidents.
  3. Hospitals want to increase revenue so they would rather be paid 100% of their puffed up bill versus the agreed-upon health insurance rate with say… United.
  4. In the old days, we simply told the hospital in writing that they had made a mistake and to bill the health insurance.
  5. Along comes RevClaims and now even where we send in the health insurance information, RevClaims sends back a generic letter saying they can bill car insurance as primary. The letter also states “The hospital expects to receive payment from any settlement proceeds from any liability and/or medpay claim. Thereafter, any remaining balance will be billed to the patient’s health carrier.”

This is ridiculous. RevClaims is telling Grady they can opt-out of the health insurance contract and says the contract allows them to. We have requested the particular contract language RevClaims is relying on and they refuse to provide it.

If you have had a medical lien filed on you or a family member and you have health insurance, please contact our firm immediately to explore your rights and options under the contract for health insurance.