Nursing Home Injuries and Wrongful Death

When our parents and loved ones reach a point in their life that they are in long term care for injury recovery or nursing home care, there is, unfortunately, a risk that they will be exposed to neglect and harm. Patients can suffer from verbal abuse, bedsores, wander away unsupervised and fall and break bones when the procedures and employees charged with care fall short of their duties.

Most nursing home care providers are nurturing and loving individuals who form real attachments to their residents and patients. Unfortunately, as the industry has grown, profits have become more important that care at some facilities. This has driven wages down and as a result, the quality of the employees caring for our family members has suffered.

If your family member suffers a real injury or loss of life when in a nursing home or long term care facility, schedule a free consultation with us to explore the options. It is only through action and civil prosecution that these facilities will know that someone cares and the law is watching.