My Lawyer Won’t Call Me Back, Can I Fire Him?

It can be extremely frustrating if you aren’t happy with your attorney or you don’t think your attorney is helping you. It’s especially irritating when you’re not sure what to do about it.  Below are some tips to assist you to deal with the most common issues that can come up when you’re being represented by an attorney.

Your Lawyer Isn’t Calling You Back

Your attorney is responsible for communicating with you. If they aren’t returning your telephone calls or is hard to get ahold of, there are steps you can take that may help remedy the situation.

Keep calling and advise the person who answers the phone how many times you’ve called and haven’t received a response. Remember to be polite.

Make an appointment in person with your attorney and discuss your concerns. Explain to your attorney what you need from them and requests a proposed timeline and roadmap, but it’s important to keep your expectations realistic. Many attorneys have a heavy caseload and are busy.

In addition, cases take time, and you can’t expect to hear from your attorney on a daily or maybe even weekly basis if nothing has happened with your case.

If your attorney will not take the time to meet with you, then you are with the wrong lawyer. You can fire your lawyer easily without owing a thing up until the time that the insurance company makes a real offer. At that point, the lawyer is entitled to their attorney’s fees and you are likely stuck.

You’re Concerned the Attorney Isn’t Doing Their Job

It’s difficult to know whether or not your attorney is performing their job well, but if you believe your attorney isn’t doing their job, it’s important to act before the statute of limitations runs out on your claim.  There are a couple of things you can do to investigate whether or not your attorney is doing their job correctly.

Communicate with the attorney and tell them your concerns. Let them explain what is happening with your case.

Get a copy of your file. If you’re having a hard time finding out what’s been done on your claim, you can either read it in your attorney’s office or request a copy. You will want a copy of everything including all documents filed with the court and/or government agency, and all correspondence regarding your claim.

If you are unable to get a copy from your attorney, just call the State Bar of Georgia consumer complaints department and get them involved.

Get a second opinion. If you’re doubting how well your attorney is handling your case see another attorney. Second opinions can be extremely valuable in helping you decide whether you want to stay with your current attorney or hire a new attorney to handle your case.

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