I got the Ticket, Do I Still Have a Case?

If you have been in a traffic accident, whether as a pedestrian or not and got the ticket, a lot of lawyers will tell you that you have no case. Sometimes it’s true, but often that is just lawyers being lazy and not looking hard enough. If the medical injury is serious enough such that it’s worth the fight to beat the odds, we are the firm you want.

Now some cases are truly hopeless, where the facts are clear and its obvious that it’s your fault, but in many others some facts are grey and some just need more investigation.

Let’s go through a couple of examples for cases we have handled or are handling that illustrate the point.

  • College student goes off the road avoiding a deer and slides into a large stone decorative planter that is illegally in the roadway, killing him. The police find him at fault. One defendant already settled for $750,000 and the other Defendant is going to trial.
  • Homeless man is run down in broad daylight in a library parking lot and turned down by an Athens law firm. We get the library surveillance video proving that she blew a stop sign and was speeding. When confronted with the evidence, the insurance company tendered the policy limits.
  • Trash truck hits a kills a woman at an intersection and the officer blames the decedent based on a witness who says she ran the light. The trash truck dashcam proves the driver ran the light and was on his cell phone at the time of the crash. The company settled the case for fair high seven figure sum.
  • Pedestrian run over on a country road where police blame the pedestrian and never interview the eyewitness who says the driver swerved off the road and him. This case is still in litigation.

What is the commonality in all of these? Detective work and elbow grease. The damages have to be serious enough to justify the hard work that goes into the case but if you have a real case with real injuries and got the ticket, let us review it and see what can be done.

What can turn things around? Surveillance videos, the police officer’s body cam, witnesses we find by listening to the 911 call tapes, you name it.