How to Get Traffic Camera Video in Georgia

One of the most frustrating things about Georgia’s extensive network of traffic cameras is that they do not record. That’s right. After a serious car accident, there is no State sponsored system for recording collisions.  BUT WAIT! Progress. A company out of Las Vegas now offers 90 days of video from most State of Georgia DOT cameras! The Atlanta section of the Traffic Cam Archive is the place to go.

You can search by address or even the GPS coordinates from your police report and they will show you the nearest camera that they have recordings for. Remember not every camera you see at an intersection is recorded by this company. Many of those cameras are there to run the traffic light sequence only.

So what can you do if you cannot get traffic camera footage?

Private surveillance cameras do exist and those can be preserved. We frequently use ones from gas stations as do the insurance companies.

911 call logs will list all of the phone calls that have occurred around the time of the incident and there are sometimes key witnesses that can be found there that are not included in the police report.

The bottom line is the Georgia Department of Transportation does not record any of the camera footage but that does not mean that you can sit back after a crash. Critical evidence disappears with each passing day, so start the investigation quickly by talking to our Auto accident lawyers in Atlanta.

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