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Learn What Insurance to Buy and What to Do After a Crash in the Georgia Insurance Guide

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The Georgia Guide to Buying Car Insurance and Handling Car Accident Claims is a must-have for the Georgia driver.

  • Each of you buys car insurance but do you really know what the different kinds of coverage are?
  • What the heck does “full coverage” mean?
  • If I am in a wreck and get hurt, when will my own insurance help me?
  • Does my own insurance pay for medical bills?
  • What if I get sued, how does my insurance company protect me?
  • Can I change car insurance companies?
  • If I get hurt in a car accident do I have to hire a lawyer?
  • What are the mistakes I should avoid after a car accident?
  • What letters should I send out immediately after a crash?

This book is a comprehensive treatment of the subject of Georgia Car Insurance and Car Accidents and a complimentary digital copy will be emailed to Georgia residents upon request. If you want a hard copy or reside out of state, the book is available on for $12.95 plus shipping and handling.

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