Cauda Equina Syndrome From Car Accidents

In cases involving severe spinal cord compression as a result of disc herniations and collapse after car accidents in Georgia, we sometimes have clients diagnosed with cauda equina syndrome.

The “cauda equina” or horse’ tail begins at the end of the spinal cord in the lower back and is comprised of bundles of vital nerves. The nerves branch off in the hips and legs and control a variety of critical body functions.


A cauda equina syndrome diagnosis after a car accident usually is the result of a disc injury. They can experience, weakness in the legs, bladder control issues, waste voiding issues, numbness in the crotch, bilateral leg weakness and nervous system irregularities in the ankles.

In cases where the symptoms are serious, either a disc laminectomy or a full disc fusion are suggested, with good results in otherwise healthy candidates.

Remember that after a serious car accident in Georgia, if you experience low body numbness or tingling, urinary or bowel problems or foot drop, see your doctor immediately so that permanent damage does not occur. Cauda equina is a rare, but very serious consequence of spinal disc injuries after a car accident.