6 Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer

Choosing which law firm to hire can be an intimidating task. We get it; lawyer can be rude, expensive and downright unpleasant to talk to. One reason some folks decide not to hire a lawyer is also the fear that it will be expensive or a bad value. That’s a common misconception because all such lawyers work on commission only. You never get and bill and if you work with an honest firm that tells you what you stand to gain as well as the down side upfront, then it’s an easy decision.

Why Should I Hire an Attorney?

  1. If the insurance company is not accepting responsibility.
  2. If there is a DUI or a commercial vehicle involved.
  3. If the medical bills are over $4,000, a lawyer brings far more value to the table than they take away in pay from the settlement.
  4. If there is concussion with lingering impairment that just isn’t being treated.
  5. If you don’t have access to health insurance and need help finding an honest doctor who will work on a lien.

Our law firm provides support by being upfront with our clients, providing outstanding customer support, working swiftly, and getting you a just verdict. Atlanta auto accident lawyerChristopher Simon Law has created an infographic to help you ask questions before solidifying that an attorney is the right one for you.